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Discount Labels Offers FREE Marketing Tools to Help You Generate Customer Interest & Sales

From unbranded catalogs and brochures to educational presentations, training and videos, Discount Labels wants you to take full advantage of ways to rev up customer interest and sales.

Catalog – The unbranded Discount Labels catalog contains product and retail pricing information you need to quote your customers and place orders. You can personalize the catalog with your logo to brand it as your own.

Sales Flyers and Videos – A variety of unbranded instructional videos and print materials—including order forms and sales sheets—are free for you to use with your customers. You can share them easily, saving you the time and resources required to create these on your own. Check them out if you haven’t already.

Label Training – Learning is a lifelong process. And refresher courses don’t hurt either. Regardless of where you are on the knowledge continuum, Discount Labels offers Labels University in person and online to help you help your customers on the art and science of label selling.

Other beneficial Marketing Tools:

  1. An art help section featuring a comprehensive array of options including: Supported Applications & File Formats, File Resolution; Placed Images; Vector vs. Raster; Fonts; Bleeds; Lines Per Inch; Compressing & Combining Files; Spot Colors; Screens & Graduated Screens; Vignettes & Color Mixing; AnyShape; plus 2,500 die line template choices listed on our website.
  2. Targeted marketing materials most relevant to your customer, including;  Sales Builder, Distributor Information, Stock and Adhesive Guide.
  3. Order forms for Labels, Stamps, Promotional Products.
  4. Case Studies. These detail challenges ranging from repositionable labels being harmless to packaging and driving sales to creating unique labels on a tight deadline. Case studies reside on the website.

Glossary. This handy guide to common label industry terms can help out in a pinch when a clear, concise explanation is needed.