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Discount Labels Invests in 7th ABG Digicon Finisher

There are one thousand AB Graphic International, Inc. (ABG) Digicon Finishers installed worldwide, and Discount Labels now owns and operates seven of

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Discount Labels Offers FREE Marketing Tools to Help You Generate Customer Interest & Sales

From unbranded catalogs and brochures to educational presentations, training and videos, Discount Labels wants you to take full advantage of ways to

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Surefire Label-Selling Strategies

Whether or not you proactively sell to customers or await their orders, there’s always room for improvement. Both too much and too little prodding can

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Heating Things Up!

Discount Labels Now Offers Stock Blank Thermal LabelsDiscount Labels now offers Stock High-performance Blank Thermal Labels available to you in

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Discount Labels 2018 Catalog is Available: 10 reasons to check it out

New year…new catalog…new products and reasons to check out Discount Labels’ 2018 catalog: New thermal label line featuring blank direct and transfer

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Custom Stamps Are The Perfect Dater For 2018

Put Your Stamp On A New YearWere you one of those kids who stamped everything in sight with a stamp set? Well, the tradition continues. Why write the

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Repositionable labels prove versatile across many uses, industries

We’ve all been there—buying such items as coffee mugs, glassware or gifts—and the price label won’t come off without a fight. Label adhesives are very

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Flexo vs. Digital printing…and the winner is…?

Both. Steve Katz, editor of Label & Narrow Web magazine, summed it up well when he wrote, “The days of talking about which process is better are long

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Holidays big and small merit label planning now

In addition to such major holidays as Christmas, Hanukkah (12.12-12.20), and Kwanzaa (12.26-1.1) that are fast approaching, there are many lesser

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AnyShape® custom labels set you FREE—any shape, complete design freedom, no custom die cost, fast turnaround

Do your customers want a custom label in the shape of dogs and cats? How about something showing the great state of Texas cut out from the rest of the

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