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As an industry leader, our fingers are on the pulse of label innovation every day, and we’re eager to share the newest trends and techniques with you.

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Welcome to the Discount Labels Blog!

New Label Facestocks Give You New Selling Opportunities

Find out how new label Facestocks give you a new selling opportunity with Discount Labels.

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5 Habits of Successful Distributors

Read about the 5 habits of successful distributors from Discount Labels.

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Going Bold and Personal in 2015

Read about how Discount Labels can help you go bold and get personal with your products in 2015.

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The Pancake Connection

Every holiday season, our senior managers serve breakfast to our entire team. Over 500  employees, three shifts, 1,600 pancakes, 1,200 sausage links,

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LabelExpo: 4 Key Takeaways to Share with You

Recently, we attended LabelExpo 2014 in Chicago to meet up with suppliers and partners, and expand our knowledge. We come to these shows so that we

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Welcome to the Discount Labels Blog

I’ve been with discount labels for over 20 years now, and I wish I had a dollar for every time we brought a customer through our facility and heard “I didn’t know you did that!” so, since it wouldn’t be realistic for all of our distributors to visit us — as much as we’d love to see you — we’re bringing our expertise and ideas to you.

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