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Repositionable labels prove versatile across many uses, industries

We’ve all been there—buying such items as coffee mugs, glassware or gifts—and the price label won’t come off without a fight. Label adhesives are very

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Flexo vs. Digital printing…and the winner is…?

Both. Steve Katz, editor of Label & Narrow Web magazine, summed it up well when he wrote, “The days of talking about which process is better are long

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Holidays big and small merit label planning now

In addition to such major holidays as Christmas, Hanukkah (12.12-12.20), and Kwanzaa (12.26-1.1) that are fast approaching, there are many lesser

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AnyShape® custom labels set you FREE—any shape, complete design freedom, no custom die cost, fast turnaround

Do your customers want a custom label in the shape of dogs and cats? How about something showing the great state of Texas cut out from the rest of the

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Label Printing and Redesign - Help customers rethink, rebrand, reprint

Continuous improvement is a hot topic in commerce today. Label printing and redesigning is no exception. Offering helpful suggestions to your

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Baby, it’s cold outside!

Cold weather and harsh conditions means it’s time to review weatherproof & durable label requirementsThis a great time to revisit weatherproof and

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Customer Loyalty: Having customers’ backs is key

Serving as a safety net for your customers is a powerful way to earn their long-term customer loyalty. When they can count on you to point out both

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Seek out customer dissatisfaction

No matter how stellar your products and services, you’re not going to satisfy all your customers all the time. Customer dissatisfaction can be your

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Digital label printing is all about getting personal

Digital label printing gives your customers the chance to get up close and personal with their labels. How many know, or appreciate, what this means

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Make customer service an outgoing, as well as incoming, process

There’s a strong tendency to focus on incoming inquiries, questions, and concerns as the sum and substance of customer service efforts. If you’re not

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