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Top Tips to Make Labels Pop

Want to give label advice to your customers but don’t know how to do it? Use these tips to help break the ice!

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Healthcare represents lucrative, long-term label opportunities

From promotional donation drives via retail outlets to providing patient information, directions and warnings, healthcare is a huge—and often not fully tapped—marketplace for everything from QuickShip and Durable labels to Consecutive Number & Barcode labels.

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CMYK and RGB: Acronyms that can make or break a label

On-screen and in-print are two different worlds. This is vitally important to stress to your customers when they’re creating full color labels or other types of full color print artwork.

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Labels offer schools 3-ring circus of options

While Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus has ended its 146-year run, its legacy of over-the-big-top promotional items remains.

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Use AnyShape® Sheets to fundraise both as sales items in their own right and as awareness generators

When your customers’ thoughts turn to fundraising efforts, particularly in school and sports endeavors, traditional approaches such as bake sales,

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AnyShape®, Variable Data Give Customers Gift of Uniqueness

In the never-ending quest to differentiate one’s products from the competition (or the rest of the crowded marketplace), there are a few surprisingly simple solutions.

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It’s a matter of degrees with education market quick ship labels, spirit sheets, bumper stickers, awards and more

There is no shortage of ways to market educational labels and associated products in the education market.

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Pack a lot of power and shelf appeal into private brand labels

Private brand customers can build tons of flair and functionality into both prime and secondary labels—including variable data, barcodes and all the good-looking options offered through an extensive line of premium labels.

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Make wine and beer labels shine with foil simulation …and more

From toys to jewelry, we all enjoy “shiny new toys.” Sparkly, shiny wine labels and beer labels have become hot items as well, as manufacturers in these highly competitive marketplaces are always looking to further brighten their appeal. Foil/embossed labels can provide both the shine and elegance to trigger spur-of-the-moment purchases.

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IRC Gives Extra Oomph to Food and Beverage Appeal

No doubt many spouses and significant others have justified big box food and beverage shopping by saying, “Look at how much money I saved by spending all this money at Costco!” Ability to reduce cost-per-unit in any POS environment is a powerful buying inducement, and Costco is a prime example.

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