Custom Labels, printed tape tell the story of the holiday season

When your customers contemplate holiday messaging to their marketplace, what comes to mind first? Holiday good wishes via e-card? A basket of tasty goodies? A savings season promotion?

No matter what they think of first, custom labels and printed tape typically don’t top the list. After all, more often than not customized labels are descriptive and informational, and tape is, well, tape—not exactly the stuff of a holiday marketing campaign.

And yet, premium labels featuring process color, foiling and embossing, and the option of static cling can update and freshen a brand, offer a festive holiday look, and provide an eye-popping (and memorable) experience to existing and prospective customers. Complement the label experience with packaging custom printed tape—which can fulfill a wide variety of holiday messaging and promotional needs.

Common sense that saves dollars and cents
Notes VP Operations Mike Gore, “Much is made of online marketing cost-effectiveness when it comes to mass distribution of emails versus print pieces. However, print still makes valuable and economical contributions in a variety of areas. Nowhere is this more obvious than in the versatile and very efficient use of premium labels and printed tape. It’s a great selling point with customers, and a profitable selling point for resellers.”

Custom Premium Labels from 100 to 1,000s
Print as few as 100 high-quality custom premium labels in thousands of shape, size and stock combinations—all featuring a 100% quality guarantee. They’re very versatile, offering holiday-themed solutions for everyone from specialty retailers and small businesses to manufacturers of food and beverage and health and beauty products.

Creative combinations of foil, embossing and process color truly make these premium labels in every sense of the word. Your customers will see it. And thank you for it.

Tale of the tape—security, brand awareness, and practicality rolled into one
Holiday printed tape offers multiple benefits when used to full advantage. Available in two- and three- inch widths and 1-3 process colors, printed tape can feature any custom design or message on white or clear pressure-sensitive tape—making quite the splash with customer branding this holiday season.

But, more than good lucks, printed tape helps keep packages and what’s inside pristine, and discourages prying fingers. The tape also can identify package contents, detail safety and handling instructions, and add professionalism to the overall image of the company using it. The minimum order is only 24 rolls, giving your customers a very cost-effective way to multiply their bang for the buck this holiday season.

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