Custom Printed Tape and Promotional Labels for this Holiday Season

Think about the last time you received a package at your business or home. Was there any promotional messaging on the outside of the box? Could you tell where the package came from right away? Adding custom printed tape or a promotional label provides a huge opportunity for building brand awareness.

Using Custom Printed Tape is an effortless way to add personality to every box you ship.

Printed tape can be used to add a logo, contact information, special handling instructions, a holiday greeting or promotional message.  Our sturdy custom printed tape has 1.9 ml thickness and is appropriate for mailing light to medium packages. Plus, the custom printed tape fits standard tape guns so it’s easy to work into your shipping workflow.

The Holiday season is nearly upon us when over 1.3 billion packages will travel throughout North America between the three major package shippers. Now you can quickly and easily change the message on your packages to be seasonally appropriate, allowing your brand to stand out and be seen throughout the logistics process.

Need some images or a flyer to help promote this versatile product to your customers?  Check out our Customer Friendly Tools or give one of our label experts a call.

Here to help,

VP of Operations

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