Discount Labels Catalog – Selling Labels Made Easy

By now, you should have received the Discount Labels 2016 catalog in the mail or picked one up at a trade show. We look forward to sharing new products and ideas with our distributors and we hope you’re just as excited to pass them along to your customers.

TRADE ONLY means Customer Friendly
Not only can our catalog be a great tool for you, but your customers can use it in the same way you do to place their label orders. We keep our catalog unbranded so you can share it with your customers while ordering, or as a leave behind reference guide for them.

Easy to Use
The Discount Labels catalog serves as an easy and helpful guide to selling labels. We divide our products into seven categories, grouping them by label type. Convenient tabs can help you navigate through the various sections of our catalog.

Discount Labels – Digital Version
If you prefer to have a digital version of our catalog, we’ve got you covered. Click here to view or download a digital copy. From there, you can send to your customers or edit for your own use.

If you would like to request a catalog or some of our other marketing materials, email [email protected], and we’ll get your request out to you right away.

Take advantage of the many features our catalog has to offer. And make sure to pass along the helpful tips to your customers.

Here to help,

VP of Operations

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