IRC Gives Extra Oomph to Food and Beverage Appeal

No doubt many spouses and significant others have justified big box food and beverage shopping by saying, “Look at how much money I saved by spending all this money at Costco!” Ability to reduce cost-per-unit in any POS environment is a powerful buying inducement, and Costco is a prime example.

The Instant Redeemable Coupon (IRC) can work on the same principle, making it an attractive, simple and cost-effective tool for your customers seeking an immediate or longer-term sales bump. The IRC can be on the product itself, posted digitally and/or be part of a direct mail campaign. Besides offering a discount or other promotional value, the IRC can impart timely messages, be part of a rebranding effort, and even serve to expand product information—especially when printed on both front and back.

In short, the IRC is one of the most versatile and powerful ways for your customers to enhance product appearance, expand awareness, generate interest, and engage buying loyalty in their marketplaces.

Besides the many ways to use the IRC, there are many options for printing them—starting with spot color to process color. While spot color may be a default choice for many, process color can prove very effective to dramatize or reinforce a key message or branding element. And, consistent with so many Discount Labels offerings, IRCs can feature a variety of shapes, sizes, stocks, inks and finishes. Help your customers get creative with POS product appearance.

In today’s nimble digital printing world, the IRC offers many ways for your customers to ramp up presence and appeal cost-effectively and efficiently.

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