Outsourcing beats overbuying for cost-effectiveness

In this day and age of constant challenges to print media growth, two heads are definitely better than one. That’s why we’re conducting a “Superhero Sidekick” campaign to leverage expanded capabilities to help superhero resellers like you, further rev up profits.

Key to this effort are the financial and flexibility benefits of outsourcing printing to a reliable, cost-effective partner versus overbuying of equipment that can drag down profits if not consistently used to full potential.

We will be comparing the equipment-buying versus outsourcing model at Booth 3535 as part of Label Expo Americas September 13-15 in Rosemont, Illinois. Primary areas being addressed include scalability benefits (rapid rampup or stepdown as demand dictates), cost-efficiency (pay-as-you-go instead of upfront purchase expenditures), overall cost-effectiveness (lower overhead and total expenses when doing an apples-to-apples comparison), and lack of disruption (no setup, training or maintenance requirements).

As your partner in profits, we can provide extra oomph to your current label offering with these capabilities:

  • ESKO Automation Engine and Color Management System
  • Digital printing and digital durable printing
  • 11-color flexographic printing
  • Vision inspection systems
  • Variable text and image labels
  • Short-run durable labels
  • UL labels
  • Extended content labels
  • Security labels

To find out more about any of these capabilities and/or how Discount Labels can serve in other ways as a partner in profits, please visit Booth 3535 at Label Expo Americas.

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