Rubber stamp popularity soars as hobbyists, businesses discover their versatility, value

Once upon a time, there was a popular device that transmitted ink to paper without a technological interface. It was called a typewriter. While typewriters have mostly vanished from the everyday business world in favor of computers, there’s another product that transfers ink directly to paper (and other surfaces) sans technology.

It’s called a rubber stamp. Far from being relegated to the dustbin, customer stamp products are gaining popularity among businesses and hobbyists alike. (Just check out the thousands of Pinterest entries if you want to brainstorm the possibilities on behalf of your customers.)
That said, custom stamp products—self-inking, daters, embossers, and more—don’t often rise to top of mind among customers as a low-cost, 24-hour turnaround versatile solution to make a clean and lasting impression that’s virtually unlimited in its uses.

Discount Labels offers a huge selection of rubber stamp products in a variety of shapes and sizes that are made in-house and ready to ship in 24 hours. All that remains is to get your customers jazzed about the possibilities.Our custom stamp selection includes professional grade self-inking stamps, pre-inked stamps, numbering stamps, embossers and more.

Pre-inked stamps, which contain the ink in the stamp plate and create crisp, clean impressions, are available with black, red or blue inks. For everyday use, standard self-inking stamps are an inexpensive and durable solution in many sizes.

For a higher-demand, cleaner look, professional grade self-inking stamps last for thousands of impressions. The steel frame is stronger and cleaner than other available self-inking stamps. Replacement plates and ink pads are available.

Also in the self-inking realm are dater stamps that feature two colors with number height ranging from 5/32” to 3/8”.

Want to make more of an impression, literally and figuratively? Emboss an image or message on a variety of items with this solution featuring round or rectangle shaped plates. Go for the gold (or silver) with foil seal labels that can be embossed, then used on awards or other important documents.

Finally, custom wood handle mount stamps can be cut to custom sizes with a variety of ink colors and line options.
Besides the highly flexible functionality of rubber stamps, their low cost can make them very attractive for your customers. Among the possibilities:

  • Offer them free or at a discounted rate tied to another order or as a stand-alone for customers meeting volume, longevity or other thresholds;
  • Give valued customers a free stamp featuring their logo or other branding element. This can be particularly useful for the holidays;
  • Review typical customer requests and reach out proactively about ways to use stamps to complement current ordering patterns;
  • Make customers more aware of rubber stamps as an additional tool in their branding and marketing kits;
  • Offer rubber stamp solutions to customers whose budgets may be strained, as an alternative to cutting spending altogether.
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