AnyShape®, Variable Data Give Customers Gift of Uniqueness

In the never-ending quest to differentiate one’s products from the competition (or the rest of the crowded marketplace), there are a few surprisingly simple solutions. In the product labeling realm, Discount Labels’ AnyShape® and variable data labels give your customers an easy, affordable way to separate themselves from the crowd.

Based on laser technology that allows total creative design freedom and no charge for custom dies, AnyShape has no limits except those of the imagination and dimensions of 1”x2” to 26 square inches.

Variable data offers one-of-a-kind possibilities
Subject only to the ability to create enough designs, or even just deploy consecutive numbering (which can include barcodes), your customers literally can develop a different label for every buyer. For relatively low-quantity product demand, unique artistic pieces for every label can be a powerful inducement to buy—as the container itself becomes a potential keepsake. In some cases, this can surpass the appeal of the product inside.

One noteworthy example of this is Medea Vodka, which features a programmable LED “sign” capable of illuminating such phrases as “Happy Birthday.” Regardless of the quality of the vodka, you can bet that this unique label addition will garner sales on its own.

For those opting in to simpler (and less expensive) ways to be unique, consecutive numbering of any product—especially if positioned as a “limited edition” (#___ of Batch # ____)—can engage your customers and drive sales.

Stock, ink, finish, durability options provide icing on the cake
AnyShape labels can print on a wide array of stocks, including glosses, dull/shiny foils, fluorescents, clear polypropylene and removable. Among a wide array of standard ink colors are process blue, golden yellow, rubine red, and teal; plus many custom colors. AnyShape extended life durable decals, and weatherproof and repositionable labels add to the mix.

Unwinding the uniqueness
The rewind copy chart for AnyShape/variable data labels accommodates all major configurations for “labels wound out” and “labels wound in”—top of copy dispenses first, bottom of copy dispenses first, right side of copy dispenses first and left side of copy dispenses first.

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