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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get a Login?

If you don’t already have a DLI website login, you will need to set yourself up with one so you can navigate the site to learn it.  To do this, follow these simple steps:

  1. Go to the Home Page
  2. Click on the yellow LOGIN button at the top right of the Home Screen.
  3. Now Click Already a Customer to the Left of the Login Fields
  4. It now prompts you to enter the Account Number and either Zip Code or Phone Number of the account that you are to be associated with.
  5. Now you can enter your information into the boxes and then hit REGISTER to create your website login.
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Do I have a new login and password for this new website?

No, you can use your same login and password on the new DLI website. The new site does require a special character for passwords for added security. If your password does not meet these requirements, you will receive an error message. If this happens, simply click Forgot Password and you'll receive an email link to allow you to reset your password.

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I’m not a customer yet, can I register online?

Yes. Click on New Customer Sign Up located on the Home Page and follow the steps.

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What’s “My Dashboard”?

“My Dashboard” is where you will automatically be taken to as soon as you log in.  It is the main hub that will show you all of your recent orders and quotes.

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How can I check status on my order online?

You can locate your orders on My Dashboard (see previous question) and then find the order you’re looking for to see what it’s current status is.

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Will my quotes and orders transfer over from the other site?

Yes, everything will transfer over from the old site.  You will be able to locate all of your past quotes and orders on “My Dashboard.”  This will be the first page that the new site takes you to once you log in. You can view your most recent ones or search by quote or order number in the search box.

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How can I place an order online?

At the top of every page are quick buttons for both placing an order and getting a quote that will take you to the product page.

Select the correct product category, for example – Quick Ship Labels.  You will now select Add to Order.  Once there, you will continue on with your order selections, including size, stock, quantity and other upcharges.  

If a PMS ink is needed, the number can be entered into the “Enter Number” box.  

Once you complete the item, you will be taken to your cart where you can add additional orders or apply a promo code.  You also have another opportunity at this time to change your quantity.   

Once you’re ready, you will hit the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT button, where you will finalize your shipping instructions and see a final summary of your order to verify before placing.  This area includes a new feature, which is a preview of the artwork that was uploaded.

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How can I get a quote online?

Using the GET A QUOTE button from the top of the Home Page, you will be taken again to the product page.   From here you will select the correct product category, for example – Quick Ship Labels.You will now select GET A QUOTE.Once there, you will continue on with your quote selections, including size, stock, quantity and other upcharges, and then select CREATE A QUOTE.   That will automatically generate the quote with the quote number in the top right corner. You then have the option to view and save a PDF of the quote, or customize the quote to print or email.

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