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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I forget my password?

If you forget your password, you may request a new one using our automated password assistant. Just click here, submit your registered e-mail address, and we will e-mail you a random, generated password and send that new password to your registered e-mail address.

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How do I contact customer service?

You may contact us at any time by using our online customer service form. Use the "Contact Us" link that appears on every page. If you need additional assistance with your online order, please call 1-800-995-9500.

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Flat & standard business cards, what is the difference?

Flat printed business cards are produced using a very high-quality printing process, which produces crisp, clear results. The ink is absorbed into the card stock creating a smooth finish that is flat to the touch. There is no texture or height to the ink. Standard printing, also known as "thermography" or "raised" printing, is a process in which a powder resin is dusted over the wet ink and then melted, causing a raised print surface. Thermography produces a raised appearance throughout the printed piece. Both cards are produced using an offset printing process.

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Can I request label samples?

Absolutely! We offer label samples and marketing support to all of our distributors. Email us at [email protected] for free samples and to see how we can help you increase your label sales. Click here or email us at [email protected].

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Can I print an invoice from the website?

Yes – Click the link from the distributor home page marked “Order Status / Tracking / Invoices”. You will be able to search for the invoice you need. Then, click the invoice number from the list and it will download a PDF to your PC.

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Will I receive unwanted emails?

You may request, at any time, that you do not want to receive promotional email from Discount Labels. Occasionally we like to send out emails to our customers with updates and/or promotions. However, we understand that such email can be bothersome to some customers so we let you decide whether or not you receive email contact from us.If you wish to be removed from our notification list, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your Account Maintenance screen.
  2. Under the "Update Your Email Preferences" section, uncheck the "Please send me notices of special offers and promotions via email" checkbox.
  3. Click "Update Email Preferences" to apply the change.
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