Consecutive Number Labels, Simplified

“Learn how Discount Labels can provide quality consecutive number labels for tracking, inventory and more.”

When I say “Consecutive Number Labels”, what comes to mind?  If its not increased label sales and profits, you may be missing out.  Variable and consecutive number labels are two of our fastest growing and best selling label categories.  Its hard to sell something you don’t know much about, so let me get down to brass tacks.

Variable labels include consecutive number labels, barcode labels, and variable data labels.  How about some real life examples?  Think about your local college’s parking permits, or the tracking labels on the last package you received, or the QR codes you see on products in the grocery store?  All of these applications take advantage of consecutive number or barcode labels to make tracking, inventory, and personalization easier.

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We’re here to be your partner in profits. That’s why we offer end-to-end project management and assistance with file setup for your variable and consecutive job.  Our state of the art technology can print any barcode you need, and with our step-by-step quality control, you’re getting exactly what you ordered.

You can get a quote or place an order at for almost any Consecutive Number label.

Find Consecutive & Barcode labels under the Durable Labels category on our web site. Choose your specs and have a quote or start an order in two minutes or less. It’s just that easy! Need variable labels? Give us a call and we’ll walk through your specifics.

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