Discount Labels, Lancer Label merger effective Jan. 1

Sometimes 1+1 really does equal 3. Such is the case with the New Year merger of Discount Labels and Lancer Label. The combined companies will move forward under the Discount Labels name. Customers will benefit from the strengths and expanded capabilities of both brands while being able to maintain relationships with familiar and comfortable contacts.

So, customers get the best of Discount Labels, the best of Lancer Label, and the best of combined capabilities and connections: making 1+1 truly add up to 3. The formal merger is a step forward in the relationship and a continuation of the process established months ago as strategic partners.

First, test the partnership. Then, formalize it.
Notes Senior Vice President Eric Lanz, “Unlike most mergers, where the companies come together and then try to develop and streamline the working relationship and shared capabilities, we did a ‘test run’ over the past year. As sister companies, we’ve been gathering customer feedback about the process and expanded capabilities. Customers are happy and the entire initiative has moved forward successfully. So, we are formalizing this already-tested partnership under one brand, Discount Labels.”

Brian Webb, Director of National Sales, adds “I’ve spoken to several of our customers who already have moved all their business to Discount Labels and are very pleased with how smooth their transition has been. They are thrilled to have expanded capabilities from one supplier along with more personalized service from a combined customer service team.”

Facilities in New Albany, IN and Omaha, NE will provide digital custom labels, high-quality prime labels, and a wide variety of specialty labels such as durable labels, die-cut labels, variable data labels, and consecutive number labels in short, medium and long runs.

This move makes Discount Labels one of the largest digital custom label printers in North America. The company also will continue to offer a variety of rubber stamps and promotional products. With this partnership, Discount Labels now can offer customers the largest selection of custom label solutions coast to coast.

Infrastructure investments
Along with the merger comes investments in both facilities to enhance the overall customer experience, chiefly in the area of workflow, to improve speed and quality. Improvements include a cutting-edge phone system, workflow technology upgrades, a new website to facilitate ordering, and more project management resources.  “We want to be the easiest and most knowledgeable custom label partner in the business,” says Andrew Turner, VP of Customer Service. “We’re laser focused on delivering an outstanding experience — every customer, every order, every day.”

Familiarity, expanded solutions sans disruption
One of the most positive outcomes of the partnership has been the ability to maintain a familiar and non-disruptive environment for customers of Discount Labels and Lancer Label while providing more solutions and resources, and equal to or better pricing and delivery times. For more information, customers can reference their Transition Toolkit mailed to every customer address and/or visit to view FAQs, a welcome video and other pertinent information.

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