Discount Labels Responds to Regulation Changes for Labeling of Chemicals

Updating the Hazard Communication Standard will affect millions of workplaces across the United States. Discount Labels is taking steps now to ensure that companies will be able to make the proper label changes quickly and smoothly.

“At Discount Labels we are taking many steps to prepare for this change, allowing our customers to easily make the switch to the new regulations,” says Lisa Manning, Brand Manager. “We know how valuable time is to our customers so we want to make this transition as quick as possible for them.”

The Globally Harmonized System is an international approach to hazard communication. Adopting the new system will improve the quality and consistency of information received from other countries. Using the new universal labels will allow workers to clearly understand hazard information and properly handle chemicals.

Labels will now have to provide the identity of the chemical and appropriate hazard warnings. The Hazard Communication Standard states what information has to be identified for each hazard class and category. Labels will now require a pictogram, which is a symbol and other elements to show specific hazardous information about the chemical. Also required on the label are signal words of a potential hazard, a hazard statement that describes the nature of the hazard, a precautionary statement that describes proper handling and storage of the chemical, and supplier information of the chemical manufacturer.

Distributors, other label suppliers and printers can contact Discount Labels at 1-800-995-9500 to learn more about how to make the transition to the new labels.

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