Don’t be Cautious about Selling Custom Printed Barricade Tape

Have you ever slowed down while passing an area marked off with barricade tape? We are drawn to the bright colored tape and our curiosity has us searching for more information.

Barricade tape mainly serves a function, marking off an area for construction, a crime scene or for safety reasons. But the tape can also be used as a form of advertisement. Adding a company name or logo brings a dual purpose to the tape and builds brand awareness. Passerby’s will take note of the tape and stop to read the message to investigate the situation.

Popular organizations that use custom barricade tape include police and fire departments or construction and paving companies. Try not to get roped into thinking that only a select market uses barricade tape. Retail stores, restaurants and car dealerships use custom barricade tape for grand openings or to promote a sale.

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Custom barricade tape is printed on a weatherproof, 4 mil polyethylene and is available on yellow or orange stock. Choose from red or black ink, 3” or 6” width.

Build brand awareness in a functional way with custom printed barricade tape.

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