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When you need a heavy-duty label that will stand up to forklifts, excessive handling or Mother Nature, you need what the industry calls a Durable Label. To sift through all the jargon and overlapping specifications, I’ve made specifying Durable Labels easy by breaking it down to just four things you need to know to order the right label.


1. What will your durable label be exposed to?

Durable labels are designed with special stocks, inks and adhesives to withstand moisture, submersion, extreme heat and cold, and excessive handling. Know exactly how your Durable Label will be used, and we can help find the right label for the job.


2. How long does your durable label need to last?

No label lasts forever. But stocks and inks are getting better all the time and we are always working with suppliers to bring you the best solutions. The longest lasting labels are our super-duty waterproof labels printed on Durable Product Marking (DPM) vinyls with inks and lamination that last up to five years – that’s a long time for a label.

If you need a heavy duty (but maybe not super-duty) label, an Extended Life Decal also offers durability for up to four years for applications like HVAC units, outdoor equipment and chemical drums. 

Weatherproof labels printed with durable inks protect your label from moisture, sun and extreme temperatures for up to one and a half years. These are among our most popular and cost-effective Durable labels and work hard as bumper stickers, vehicle permits, or as labels that mark and identify outdoor tools, pool supplies, and aquatic tanks. Weatherproof labels are available with consecutive numbering, and you can add lamination at no charge.

Reflective labels are a specialty Durable label used for signs and identification in poorly lit areas. Printed on reflective stock, these labels will last four years.


3. Do you need consecutive numbering or data?

Vehicle permits and equipment identification labels with consecutive numbers and barcodes are a common use for Durable labels. If you need bar code or consecutive numbers printed on a heavy-duty label, choose our Weatherproof labels or Extended Life labels for accuracy, quality and durability.


4. You can detangle the jargon and find just the right Durable Label with this Durable Labels Quick Guide and Durable Labels video.

As your label experts, we want to make sure you’re making the right choice for your customer. These tools break it down clean and simple so you can build your confidence to sell heavy-duty labels without over-spending. And, if you’re still stuck, just call one of our label experts who are trained to help you hone your specs and order just the right label for the job.


5. You can get a quote or place an order at DiscountLabels.com for almost any Durable label.

Find Weatherproof and Extended Life labels under the Durable Labels category on our web site. Find Reflective labels under the Special Application Labels category. Choose your specs and have a quote or start an order in two minutes or less. It’s just that easy! Need waterproof labels? Give us a call and we’ll walk through your specifics.


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