Extend reach, razzmatazz and holiday cheer with Extended Content Labels

Encourage your customers to use ECL (Extended Content Labels) to extend their messaging beyond instructions and product information this holiday season and into the New Year. Include holiday drink recipes, extend value-add offers, describe contest instructions/rules, even provide a holiday gift coupon/voucher on an ECL.

ECLs feature multi-panel foldout booklets laminated to a pressure sensitive label for application on a product.

With booklet sizes ranging from 1” x 1 ¼” to 9” x 10”, your customers can cover a lot of bases in one printed piece. They can print full color, and the laminate pulls away cleanly when necessary.

Your customers can benefit from a variety of ECL opportunities. These versatile labels enable expanding messaging, both around holiday themes, events and activities, and branding in general. Other benefits include:

  • Ability to reduce labeling costs when presenting multiple languages. For a holiday twist, your customers can use ECLs for holiday greetings in numerous languages and/or extend best wishes for a variety of holidays.
  • Reducing packaging costs by using ECLs instead of boxes and/or brochures to provide enough room for needed messaging, disclosures, et al. This can keep holiday packaging simple and economical, and offer the opportunity to promote conservation of resources, space…and mailing costs!
  • Meeting regulatory requirements. ECLs make it easier by providing more area in which to explain and inform with a type size large enough to actually decipher!
  • Opportunity to notch up the holiday spirit. ECLs provide economical, effective ways for your customers to say “thank you” to their customers. How about a series of discount or value-add coupons to be the gifts that keep on giving (e.g., the 12 days of Christmas or 8 days of Chanukah)? Or, do a series around New Year offers to rev up the traditionally quiet shopping month of January. Customers could start a series of offers around lesser-known holidays (e.g., Global Belly Laugh Day on January 24, 2017).
  • Flexibility to reach out more to prospective buyers via an ECL panel(s) that explains ways to access and get more product information. This can range from listing ways smartphone/tablet users can download free magnifying glass apps to read all the “important stuff” more clearly to identifying website links for more information about specific product aspects (or just print a QR code that mobile users can scan, again via free apps, that will open up digital information pages).

This holiday season, get ECLectic with Extended Content Labels!

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