Find an auto motive for car dealers to connect with you

From window clings in the showroom to durable decals and door hang tags, car dealers offer a cornucopia of label product opportunities. This applies to large chains and small independent sellers alike. If you don’t already own the car dealer label business in your market, it’s time to go car dealer shopping.

Key to getting dealers’ motors running may be to promote inventive programs that are unusual or even unique to them. Sure, trying to sell business cards, postcard self-mailers and door hangers may get you in the door. But, by themselves, there’s typically not much to separate you from the competition.

However, offering a new twist may generate interest from the get-go. In essence, sell dealers ideas instead of just products. For example, suggest consecutive numbering of these items, with dealers periodically conducting drawings; then they can post results on their website and/or through email. Holder of particular numbers win prizes—which they can claim at the dealership. This encourages dealer customers/prospects to visit their website, watch for emails, and visit the showroom—all time-honored ways to keep people engaged, in turn leading to sales.

Or, dealers can opt for scratch off inks—or to be really avant garde—scratch and sniff inks to be placed on promotional labels or cards. The scratch offs could offer deals on a variety premium items—e.g., upgrade floor mats to anyone purchasing a car. The scratch and sniff could prove intriguing (e.g., anyone finding the “aroma of the month” could redeem it at the dealership for any number of prizes).

Dealers wanting to extend prize packages beyond their showrooms could set up cross-promotions with area restaurants, retailers etc.—all of which typically require additional promotional labels and the like. (If appropriate, you can reach out to other customers looking for additional promotion in exchange for donating merchandise, meals, etc. to the dealership).

Another approach is to entice dealers to conduct a public interest/public safety promotion, such as a young driver campaign featuring motivational bumper stickers, window clings, etc. with reflective elements offered through the dealership. This could engender goodwill, generate positive PR, and provide additional ways to engage prospects.

Offer dealer customers and prospects alike some creative label ideas; they in turn will offer you the opportunity to shift profits into a higher gear.

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