Flaunt food and beverage labels with stocks, shapes and special effects

From fluorescents, foils, and freezer adhesives to promotional products to a variety of shapes and sizes that will turn heads, Discount Labels is a one-stop shop to enhance brand food and beverage identity and make a stellar impression.

But, do your customers know about the total breadth and depth of choices? Probably not. There’s just too much information. You, however, can help them focus.

Get them zoned in on a particular need or want. In addition to standard questions designed to learn about new or expanded needs, consider suggestions around such areas as:

  1. Changing branding look without abandoning the present color scheme. Here is where a discussion of voluminous ink, label stock and special effects options can prove productive. Perhaps it’s selecting a fluorescent or foil stock, or an effect such as foil leaf or embossing to make a label pop more. Maybe it’s a walk on the wild side featuring vibrant colors with process color labels.
  2. Enhancing functionality. Are the labels resistant to the elements and/or tampering? For such extreme elements as freezing, is freezer adhesive being used to maintain label integrity and placement? Weatherproof and tamper-evident labels can prove to be lifesavers in food and beverage, where good looks and product safety reign supreme among buyers. Maybe shake things up by suggesting scratch and sniff inks providing a “taste” of such products as coffee via the sense of smell.
  3. Promotional products to complement branding. To promote a brick-and-mortar establishment or individual product, consider AnyShape® sheets; full-color magnets, bookmarks, business cards, brochures and posters; custom printed tape; and barricade tape. These all provide cost-effective ways to keep a food and beverage product or place on the minds of consumers.

Once you get customers focused, buying decisions will follow.

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