Healthcare represents lucrative, long-term label opportunities

From promotional donation drives via retail outlets to providing patient information, directions and warnings, healthcare is a huge—and often not fully tapped—marketplace for everything from QuickShip and Durable labels to Consecutive Number & Barcode labels. For example, increasingly, fundraising promotional solutions are being sought through such retailers as Costco, which blanket their walls with labels/stickers featuring the names of customers making a donation to a particular hospital or other healthcare organization.

A review of your healthcare-related customers (and prospects) is a good place to start mining for new revenue streams. This can be as easy as creating a chart (or wish list) of regular, periodic or one-time opportunities, and then reaching out to conduct a needs audit. If you have one primary contact and/or the business is a medical/dental office, laboratory, billing/coding organization, healthcare consulting firm or other enterprise with fairly basic needs, the process can be straightforward—product labels, stickers, durable labels that are weatherproof or waterproof, repositionable labels, self-inking custom rubber stamps for managing files and paperwork, and the like.

As the size and/or complexity grows, so does the list of potential needs and number of folks tasked with ordering—e.g., hospitals, urgent care centers, medical supply companies. Perhaps the most efficient way to deal with this scenario is to enlist one company representative to help guide you to decision-makers in different departments. For these more complex challenges (and sometimes even the simpler ones), list out categories to cover. These can include:

  • Patient information and instruction labels for everything from medications and supplements to post-procedure literature highlights;
  • Inventory needs (this is where consecutive number & barcode labels shine);
  • Facilities management—e.g., parking permits, reinforcements to directional signage, warning signs about cellphone use, biohazards, and the like;
  • Billing-related items—e.g., tardy payment stickers, insurance billing status stickers, envelope highlighter labels to spotlight the item to the recipient;
  • Promotional solutions around branding, fundraising, and events/activities—ranging from magnets and repositionable counter and window decals to a children’s fun sticker pack;
  • Frequent, last-minute, emergent needs well-served by QuickShip labels.

Healthcare represents a huge market. Make your customers aware of all you can offer, then use expanding opportunities to build trust, confidence, and likeability.

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