It’s 2017 catalog time!

Detailing our complete offerings, the digital catalog gives US and Canadian distributors a single-source partner for all things label, custom stamp and promotional products related. Besides being a complete collection of our products and services, however, the unbranded catalog can be a great idea generator to share with your customers. After all, in many cases, half of the sales effort is coming up with compelling, previously unconsidered ways to use these products to build revenues.

Of course, using a catalog as a sales tool, versus just ordering, can feel daunting and overwhelming. After all, where do you start? How do you single out possibilities that can entice customers?

Here are a few ways to start the conversation with your customers, using either the digital catalog or printed retail catalog:

  1. Make it a teaching tool. How many customers really know the scope of what you can provide? Do they know that you can offer solutions ranging from static cling and tamper evident labels to luggage tags and embossers? If they’ve been ordering labels for years, they may not have a reason to investigate Discount Labels’ options for custom stamps and promotional products. Keep your eyes and ears open for clues that might provide an opening for discussing other services and products you can offer. There’s a tendency to become order-takers instead of order-makers with a variety of “comfortable” established customers. By taking this initiative, you can plant the seed for future orders.
  2. Use it as a review tool. With many customers, it’s a good idea periodically to conduct an informal (or formal) audit of their upcoming needs. Whereas #1 above is a more targeted sales effort with specific recommendations, this can be a general opportunity to brainstorm. With New Year’s around the corner, suggesting such a review can make you look proactive, invested and organized. That, in turn, builds customer loyalty and longevity.
  3. Zero in on their industry. The catalog showcases a comprehensive list of products for a wide range of industries/sectors, including: health care, automotive, retail, food & beverage, education & athletics, service industries, and political campaigns/programs. For customers fitting one or more of these categories, the catalog offers an excellent opportunity to discuss solutions oriented around everything from AnyShape® labels, brochures and magnets to stamps, water bottles, and business cards.

And remember, this is an unbranded catalog so you can use it as your own. Happy reading!

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