It’s a matter of degrees with education market quick ship labels, spirit sheets, bumper stickers, awards and more

There is no shortage of ways to market educational labels and associated products in the education market. The biggest challenge is the degree to which you want to target the right decisionmakers and their needs/wants in such departments as athletics, facilities, food service, fundraising, and student affairs.

Here are some ways to expand your present scope of services to the education market with both existing and prospective customers:

  1. Use existing contacts to leverage new ones. This applies both to getting existing school/facility customer contacts to refer you into new departments, and requesting referrals from existing customers (education or not) targeting new schools and facilities.
  2. Find a need(s), then offer products that can achieve solutions (e.g., spirit sheets for fundraisers). Fundraising can be time and labor intensive. Something as straightforward as spirit sheets, bumper stickers, and fundraising labels can help get a leg up on the process—complementing or even replacing other fundraising activities. Award labels can be a great way to spread the word about award-winning at the school, department, class, or individual levels.
  3. Determine how/when these items will be deployed. If it’s a last-minute need, quick ship promotional/premium labels can offer the perfect fit. They come in many sizes, shapes, and stocks and can be turned around to fulfill just about any request. For outside use, weather-resistant, durable labels can ensure extended use. For asset tracking, consecutive numbering/barcodes may be just the ticket. Need high visibility? A substantial selection of fluorescent inks and stocks, along with shiny foils and other attention-getting finishes will fit right in. Do items need ability to be repositioned? Repositionable labels and static clings can solve just about any “mobility” challenge.
  4. Don’t overlook elementary items. Such staples as parking permits can be a very effective way to get your foot in the door with a prospective education market customer. And, bumper stickers are alive and well. They can be a tried-and-true way to generate awareness and interest about everything from fundraising to cyber-bullying.
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