Label Fundraising a Success for the Athletics Marketplace

Every bumper sticker, schedule, facility label and consecutive number/barcode label can brand your customers’ athletic departments, teams and facilities. Encourage your customers to develop branding that appears on every label-related item, from parking permits to bumper stickers. It will not only help with recognition, but fundraising.

Think about it. Your customers need to print a variety of pedestrian items anyway, along with the more dynamic offerings. So, why not make that parking permit and other functional labels (e.g., barcode labels to track/inventory equipment) all that they can be, adding another element to an overall promotional effort? No item is too little or insignificant to carry well-done branding. That includes those repositionable schedule static clings that can move from a refrigerator to laptop cover, backpack or smartphone with ease.

In addition to heightening exposure and awareness, dynamically designed label products can be “best-sellers” when it comes to fundraising. In tandem with creative design, get your customers thinking about ways to raise money tied to popular personalities and contests.

For example, quick ship labels—with their many size, shape and stock options—can make perfect “baseball card” type collectibles featuring team players that can be sold as part of a fundraising campaign. Spirit sheets, with a variety of promotional items on one sheet, can include “spotlight” players and memorable images/plays from big games or events. Attractive, visually compelling bumper stickers can be sold to help fill athletics-related coffers, too.

Another fundraising bonus can be consecutive-numbered label-related products to create a “limited edition” feel. It’s one thing to buy a label depicting a team player; it can be quite another to identify that collectible as “Number 26 of 50.” This can heighten both the appeal (and price tag) and promote a sense of urgency to buy now versus later. Limited edition bumper stickers and spirit sheets are worth considering, as well.

By getting your athletics customers thinking about more ways to raise money very affordably, everyone starts profiting. Label-related products offer the perfect way to fill the bill…and the coffers.

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