LabelExpo: 4 Key Takeaways to Share with You

Recently, we attended LabelExpo 2014 in Chicago to meet up with suppliers and partners, and expand our knowledge. We come to these shows so that we can continue to be your trusted source for smart, cost-effective label solutions. The show was full of great exhibits, sessions, and demonstrations. Here are our biggest takeaways we wanted to share with you about the future of the label business.



1.     Technology is cool. Relationships are cooler. The show floor was full of amazing presses, cutters, finishers – you name it. Don’t get us wrong, the technology gets better each Expo. But the heartbeat of the show was the handshakes, conversations and commitments being made between people. As we always believe, good business begins with listening to and taking care of customers.


2.     Our kids won’t shop the way we do. The Expo’s “Smart Shop” and the “Internet of Things” sessions demonstrated the future of retailing and point of sale label and packaging solutions. Wow! We’re glad to be partnering with industry pioneers on some of the most sophisticated label designs, materials and processes imaginable to prepare for a commercial future defined by things like “smart” labels and augmented reality. Labels in the future will not just identify and promote products, they will interact with customers, too.


3.     It’s getting personal. Global brands and artisan brands alike are shaping new technologies by insisting that labels become part of the promotional equation. Take the global “Share a Coke” campaign, for example. The demand to print short promotional runs and variable information on labels are hot trends right now. Fortunately, these capabilities are a sweet spot for Discount Labels with our investment in digital and variable printing.


4.     A learning mindset is the very best competitive advantage. We firmly believe that knowledge is the best way to win business. LabelExpo 2014 gave us the opportunity to peek in to the future, gain knowledge and ensure our team has prepared for your success.


We will continue to pass along valuable industry trends and information through our new education initiative so that you can compete with confidence well into the future.



Here to Help,


VP of Operations

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