Labels offer schools 3-ring circus of options

While Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus has ended its 146-year run, its legacy of over-the-big-top promotional items remains. Use this mindset (and imagery) to help your customers realize all the ways they can use label-related products—from thousands of special shapes and quick-ship options to bumper stickers and static clings.

The Circus thought big and brought big in everything they did—from entertainment extravaganzas to the massive number of promotional items offered to patrons and collectors alike. You can do the same with your school-affiliated customers. Just be the catalyst to spur their imaginations to go places they might not have considered before. For example:

  • Help them think out of the square, circular or rectangular box. With literally thousands of die-cuts to choose from, customers can create attention-getting special shapes for any type of event, activity or celebration.
  • Mobilize with static clings and removable labels. These can be used for everything from parking permits and window displays to demonstrate school pride affixed to laptops, skateboards, lockers, cellphones, water bottles, etc. Because they’re “mobile,” they can be repositioned and reused in a variety of ways.
  • Award achievements. Award labels, ribbon labels, and bursts can offer a very affordable way to acknowledge contributions and excellence at all levels of education—including students, teachers, administrators, volunteers, and more.
  • Build coffers with bumper stickers—a time-tested way to promote and sell at the same time. Schools can sell a variety of colorful, creatively-shaped and message-centric bumper stickers to students, parents and other interested parties to sing the praises of a school in a variety of places and/or serve as a fundraiser for a specific project (e.g., raising money for athletic equipment and facilities). Besides traditional vehicle placement, they can fit right in and right on everything from bulletin boards to display cases.

Starting with preschools and daycare facilities on up through universities, labels can bring your customers a three-ring circus of options. Just serve as the ringmaster to get ‘em going.

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