Make customer service an outgoing, as well as incoming, process

There’s a strong tendency to focus on incoming inquiries, questions, and concerns as the sum and substance of customer service efforts. If you’re not already, it’s time to reach out as well. There are three primary areas where outreach can prove very beneficial to you and your customers—information about major developments, education on matters about which you get a lot of questions, and updates or clarifications on policies and practices.

Following are examples of each, using ourselves as examples:

Educational Support

We get a ton of questions about weatherproof versus durable labels. Often, customers seem to think they need durable when weatherproof is sufficient. This chart offers answers based on inside and outside use, exposure to harsh chemicals, exposure to excessive handling, and how long it needs to last—along with applicable features of both.

Updates on Practices

Speed of delivery appears to be a top burning issue in the minds of our customers, as it has been since we opened 50+ years ago. Here are three tips to achieve maximum speed and accuracy on any order:

1. Make sure we have the best email addresses to ensure that needed information and documents are getting into the right hands ASAP.

2. Catalog items have quicker turnarounds and shipping options. If ordering a non-catalog item, please contact customer service for turnarounds and see if a quicker delivery is available.

3. While we’d like to “turn back time” when it comes to turnaround, we don’t want to overpromise or deliver a job that’s not done correctly because of haste. We will provide the absolute best turnaround we can within the confines of what’s feasible and advisable to ensure the best outcome.

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