Make wine and beer labels shine with foil simulation …and more

From toys to jewelry, we all enjoy “shiny new toys.” Sparkly, shiny wine labels and beer labels have become hot items as well, as manufacturers in these highly competitive marketplaces are always looking to further brighten their appeal. Foil/embossed labels can provide both the shine and elegance to trigger spur-of-the-moment purchases.

With the advent of foil simulation in digital printing, there are now alternatives to traditional cold foil applications. Foil simulation now can be done quickly for applications where metallic inks and/or metallic substrates are required. Metallic effects on labels that once were time consuming can now be completed quickly with software that enables selecting an area for metallic application on a silver stock and pressing a button. A large variety of metallic colors can be created.

Where cold foil is desired, color selection also is extensive. Besides white, silver, green, pink, light blue, teal, copper, purple, blue, red, black and gold, wine labels and beer labels can feature such holographic visuals as sparkle, faceted spin, cracked ice, hyperplaid, and rainbow. Foil/embossed effects can pair with thousands of label sizes, shapes and stocks.

Thanks to ever-advancing technology in digital printing, it’s possible to pair different beer labels or wine labels to print a variety of beverage type and flavors in one order. Or print individually as needed. It’s all affordable and fast, and everything features a 100% quality guarantee.

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