National Super Hero Day – Custom Labels from Discount Labels

When was the last time you considered yourself a hero? Maybe after you helped your kids with an important project? Or when helping a stranger with a flat tire or groceries? Or maybe you haven’t pictured yourself as a hero since you were a kid, playing super heroes in the backyard.

As a custom label distributor, you’re a hero every day by helping your customers find label solutions for their needs. By providing quality, speed and service, you solve issues to assist your customers with their business and labeling needs.

Every hero needs a good sidekick. Let us help find the perfect custom label solution for your customers and grow sales for your business. When you partner with us, you’ll receive a variety of new super hero powers including:

ESKO Automation Engine and Color Management System
Digital printing and digital durable printing
11-color flexographic printing
Vision inspection systems
Variable text and image labels
Short-run durable labels
UL labels
Extended content labels
Security labels

If you want to learn more about how we can be your sidekick, click here for more information and a free label sample pack.

April 28th is National Super Hero Day. On this day celebrate your accomplishments as a distributor in helping your customers. Remember, you’re not solving problems alone. With Discount Labels as your sidekick, together we can be an unstoppable force for your customers.

Here to help,

VP of Operations

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