New Label Facestocks Give You New Selling Opportunities

I get excited when suppliers bring us new and interesting materials. We immediately gather our application engineers to discuss new custom label solutions we can take to customers. Here are a few stocks we think have great potential to land you new business.


3.5 mil Presstige GlassMate® Decal Film

Available in white or clear, this ultra-removable film can be used as a window cling or door cling alternative. The decals can be applied wet or dry and stick indefinitely, yet can easily be removed with no residue. These are great for long-standing promotions, or where you need a little more durability than a traditional cling.


Wood Veneer Labels

This stock was introduced last year and is getting a lot of ink for its use as a Jim Beam limited edition bourbon label. No doubt – it’s just cool. Available in real cherry or birch, rolls or sheets in a variety of adhesives, this hardwood veneer has the grain and texture of wood, can be pre-treated for digital printing. You can only begin to imagine the possibilities. These are great for premium foods, beverages, and natural products.


Premium Wine Label Stocks

For wines or high-end beverages, consider several wet strength stocks. Some of my new favorites include Estate #8 with a smooth finish, Cream Estate #9 with its subtle texture, Black Vellum, and Pearlized stocks with linear and diamond textures. All of these offer a premium look without premium pricing.


Dissolvable Paper with Washaway Adhesive

For short-term labeling, consider this new dissolvable paper and washaway adhesive combination that is tough enough to be printed with water-based or UV inks. This face stock will stick to – and wash away from – a variety of surfaces including plastic, stainless steel and glass. Perfect for recyclable containers, and for institutional food service packaging that requires interim labeling and date codes.


Need more help with stocks and adhesives? Get our Stocks and Adhesives Guide here, or give one of our label experts a call.


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