Pack a lot of power and shelf appeal into private brand labels

Private brand customers can build tons of flair and functionality into both prime and secondary labels—including variable data, barcodes and all the good-looking options offered through an extensive line of premium labels.

Prime labels, typically adorning the front of a product with creative, full color graphic design and content on top-shelf stocks, are the sizzle. They promote the brand and are tasked with creating awareness of and interest in the product among consumers.

Secondary labels fulfill the functional role. They often provide nutritional information, contact information, directions and the like—and may be much less flashy in terms of graphics, branding and content. Barcodes typically print on secondary labels to maximize the contrast and scanability of dark ink on white stock.

Change it up with variable data
Variable data/imprint labels can bring a substantial amount of additional sex appeal to a product. For example, a particular liquor can convey exclusivity and personalization to the consumer with variable data labels featuring  batch and bottle numbers. El Mayor anejo tequila, for example, uses this very effectively to attract and engage buyers impressed that they’ve purchased a high-end, one-of-a-kind product. A variety of custom images also can be deployed to enhance personalization and further reinforce the “limited edition” appeal of a product.

And, variable data/imprint can be used to present random barcodes, making it functionally versatile.

Private brand labels gain substantial additional functionality with barcodes that can facilitate product identification as well as aid in inventory control, warehousing, tracking and tracing.

Premium labels round out the package
Private brand labels typically call for premium labels that come in a wide array of shapes, sizes, stocks and finishes. Process color, static cling additions easily peeled off for an instant redemption offer and the like, and quantity scalability from 100 to 10,000+ make premium labels a natural to maximize both form and function.

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