Partner Success Story – More than Facebook Friends

It’s true that many of our customers initially come to Discount Labels for the pricing. But they stay for hundreds of reasons, including the relationships they develop with us. One such partner is a medium-sized printer on the West Coast. This printer has been in business for nearly 35 years, and a Discount Labels partner for more than 20. As a specialist in high-end work for some of the nation’s top design firms, this printer produces work that realizes even the most high-flying creative visions. The result? A portfolio of award-winning work; some that’s truly among the best in the world.

One of the company’s sales representatives explains: “We’re really lucky to work with the clients we do … the awesomeness of the work is basically coming out of the designers. Some of them are brilliant; the best out there. Because they do a lot of cool stuff, it’s our job to keep up with them, with the machines, the technology, and the answers they need to make their ideas reality. We’ve built our very successful business on doing everything we can to be a good fit for them.”

Offhand, you might not think of social media as a print consumer. But online media companies do turn to print, to a fairly substantial degree, and they turn to our customer in particular. Says the representative: “We do a lot of work for social media companies. You wouldn’t think companies like Facebook or Pinterest would have that much on the print side. But they’re producing all kinds of products … Internal communications, external communications, actual direct mail, supplier campaigns … it runs the gamut, and we do it all.”

When asked how he began working with Discount Labels, the representative said “Discount Labels was in the quiver when I started working here 20 years ago.” It wasn’t exactly a romantic introduction, though. “… I just basically yelled over the wall, ‘hey, who do we use for labels?’ One of my partners yelled back ‘Discount Labels!’” “But it’s been 20 years now I’ve been working with them, and a really nice symbiosis is happening.” Now, in fact, he says, “I would absolutely call Discount Labels our label partner—99% of my work is with Discount Labels. I call them. I talk to someone. Two minutes later, I get an estimate in my email … it’s always back in less than five minutes.” “Their Customer Service is amazing and can usually handle anything. And if I have a label with unusual specs, I call and talk to my regional Discount Labels sales representative, Brett Lloyd.” “I just call, and it’s done. I love them.”

In fact, Brett Lloyd had visited our customer’s office in person just before they got a call from one of Facebook’s design firms about a “little” project. “It’s Facebook’s 15th anniversary, and they’re giving everyone in the company aluminum water bottles. 50,000 of them … that’s a whole warehouse full of bottles! What they needed from us was 50,000 sheets of stickers with emojis, logos, and other images to dress them up a bit … for employees to customize individual water bottles so they don’t get mixed up.” “But of course, Facebook doesn’t have just one location. That means we literally had to send sticker sheets all over the planet.” 50,000 sticker sheets, batched and delivered to multiple locations all over the world? That’s a big proposition. “Honestly, I usually wouldn’t take on something like this with global shipping. It tends to get stuck in customs a lot of times, and I just prefer the customer take care of fulfillment on their side.” “But since I’d just seen Brett, I called him up and said ‘Hey, Brett, what do you think of this?’ He’s like, ‘Yeah, we do that all the time.’” “No kidding, he made the problem disappear immediately.”

Discount Labels produced the sticker sheets; then we sorted, packed, addressed and shipped them to specified Facebook offices all over the world. “A task that’s daunting for us, Discount Labels is handling on a daily basis. It’s amazing how well they jumped in and helped us out … without their help I couldn’t have done this process. I don’t have that kind of crazy distribution … but right now I’ve got a team at Discount Labels, six to seven people working on getting my stickers distributed to a gazillion places. Discount Labels even has their own customs agents! We couldn’t believe how easy it was.” The last of the stickers were just being delivered at the time of our interview, but the entire project went off without a hitch.

Our customer sums it up this way: “My business is based on requests. And I stand behind every product as if it is my own.” “So basically, when my clients come to me, I go to Discount Labels. The dependability, the quality, the service … I don’t think anybody else can answer my questions as well as Discount Labels. I can count on them.” “Discount Labels is a trusted partner, for sure.”

​Located in in New Albany, IN, Discount Labels has been in business 1965. With more than 70 presses, 500 employees, and continuous investment in technology, sales, and support for its trade-only partners, Discount Labels has the capacity to meet any label demand and leads the label industry, producing 2.3 billion labels annually. For more information, contact Marketing Director Debbi Ulmer at (812) 981-4823 or debbi.ulmer@

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