Promote AnyShape® presents & presentations for the holidays

Few items can double as presents and great presentations during the holiday season. AnyShape® labels are one of them. With hundreds of custom label shapes and applications to choose from, these versatile labels, decals and stickers can fill the bill for any of your customers.

How about AnyShape sheets that can serve as everything from kids’ sticker sheet stocking stuffers to weatherproof, weather-resistant process color adornments for windows, walls, even floors? And, of course, extended durable and weatherproof choices can make AnyShape a great choice for (or complement to) any exterior holiday season decorating scheme. And when we say “holiday season,” we’re talking all year long, from Christmas to Valentine’s Day and beyond.

AnyShape labels can substantially enhance the impact of special holiday gifts given by your customers to their top-tier clients, partners and other stakeholders. There’s no limit except the imagination to use AnyShape as an attractive, attention-getting addition to that holiday bottle of wine, scented candle, fruit or food basket, etc., while also reinforcing branding efforts.

We’re also talking about wide size, color scheme and finish flexibility. Standard AnyShape labels can be as small as 1×2 inches on up to 26 square inches (process color and extended life durable decals go up to 20 square inches)—making them perfect as gift tags, collectible images, unconventional tree ornaments and more. AnyShape Sheets with poly repositionable and matte lamination (included in the price) can be printed CMYK in finished sizes of 5½ x 8½ to 8 ½ x 11 inches.

Foils to fluorescents highlight the finishes and stocks. Options include gold and silver foil, and yellow, red, orange, green and pink fluorescent along with such standards as gloss, litho, white BOPP and clear polypropylene. Weatherproof labels are available on silver polyester matte and brushed options as well as removable white or clear polypropylene.

“When most customers think about labels, they often pigeonhole their use to what they’re accustomed to. When their eyes and minds are opened to a variety of other possibilities, it can often prove to be a very profitable upsell,” notes Mike Gore, VP Operations at Discount Labels. “Even if it doesn’t result in immediate sales, resellers who plant the seeds for expanded uses of these types of items—especially around such ‘themes’ as holidays—generally will find that customers open their minds, along with their pocketbooks, over time. Obviously, it doesn’t hurt to offer an incentive in the way of value-adds or discounts for those going the extra mile in their ordering.”

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