Quick ship lapel stickers, address labels, ‘I voted’ stickers…oh my!

Often lost amid larger-format political labels are the bedrock needs in any political season—including lapel stickers, address labels, “I voted” stickers and name badges. While typically smaller in size, these items can pack a mighty punch when they’re priced and designed right, topped off by quick ship delivery. Consider these statements to help prime the pump with your customers to get them to order quick ship quickly:

  • Select from literally thousands (with your help and advice, of course) of sizes (quarter-inch square up to 12” x 24”), shapes (rectangles, squares, circles, ovals, and specialty shapes), stocks (17 standard stocks including Vinyl, Litho, Foils, Fluorescents, BOPP and Clear) and inks (15 standard and 10 specialty ink colors) combinations in quantities ranging from 500 to 10,000;
  • Promote the quick ship turnaround of 24-72 hours to reassure that you can deliver on deadline and as emergent events dictate. In this volatile political season, one candidate’s utterances on a Tuesday may require a fast-turnaround response in a couple days. Quick ship labels provide that option;

Regardless of what approach distributors take, there are many ways to bolster buying power of customers. Start by getting them to think about new ways to present lapel stickers, address labels and more that provide upselling opportunities that don’t cost you more.

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