Reliable performance, expertise and support drive your success, and ours

Our #1 job is helping you help your customers and prospects. It’s a guiding principle on which we’ve built Discount Labels for 50 years and today it’s more important than ever before.

Product quality is a given among all successful established businesses. Offering unequaled expertise, creative solutions and workarounds, building trust, serving as a reliable problem-solver, delivering fantastic follow-through and follow-up, meeting deadlines, and ensuring best-bang-for-the-buck pricing are where companies make or break it. It’s true for us, and it’s true for you. With many employees who have 20-plus years in the industry, we feel confident about holding up our end of the bargain in all these areas.

That said, here are a few ways that we can help you build trust, admiration and revenues with your existing customers, and prime the pump to turn prospects into customers:

Educate and inform. Discount Labels offers a complete free toolset to qualified distributors—including unbranded instructional videos and a host of printed materials (many unbranded): brochures and forms and a comprehensive catalog. These unbranded tools can be easily shared with your customers.

To access the catalog (applicable to US and Canadian distributors), select either link: View the Catalog or Download the Catalog. Also check out our compendium of 2,500 dies and art help section on our website.

To help build the marketing materials package most targeted to your customers, click on any of the links below: Sales Builder, Distributor Information, Stock and Adhesive Guide.

Offer show-and-tell. We have a large sample department with 100’s of standard, unique and specialty label samples. Discount Labels distributors can access samples of: Quick Ship Labels, Premium Labels, Durable Labels, Specialty Labels, Printer Labels & Promotional Products. Click here to request a label sample and we’ll quickly send you samples at no charge.

Select from a variety of label images to use for your promotional or marketing materials. Download images by category to showcase the variety of label capabilities you have through Discount Labels.

Train and retrain. Discount Labels offers Labels 101, a complete guide to pressure-sensitive labels and how to sell them to customers. You can Download Labels 101, or contact us to Bring Labels 101 to Your Business (this is a tailored presentation with samples and materials available to eight or more sales and customer service representatives).

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