Sometimes, what’s on the outside counts for a lot

When it comes to holiday gift-giving and packaging, what’s on the outside deserves as much consideration as the contents.

There’s a potential wow factor of holiday packaging and labels, from foil and embossed effects to seals and special shapes. While what’s inside may be wondrous, its presentation can certainly complement (and in some cases supersede) the impact of the accompanying gift or item.

Following are some cases in point, suggestions about which can score you extra points (and orders) with your customers this holiday season:

  • Specially-shaped and finished stickers/labels can add panache and pizzazz to gift packaging, either as adornments, name tags or product descriptors;
  • Retail outlets such as jewelry stores, small businesses and boutiques can use foil, embossing, seals or special shape labels to provide an elegant wrapping or product packaging addition for holiday purchases/gifts, and promote their brand along the way;
  • Labels, using special shapes selected from thousands of dies, can become their own holiday cards. Special shapes can make your holiday message (and where applicable, branding) stand out from the rest. With label size dimensions starting at ¼” square on up to 26 square inches, your customers also can create some wildly memorable gift wrap;
  • With all the sizes, shapes, stocks and finishes that can be combined, businesses can create a complete line of holiday decorations—from striking Christmas tree ornaments to window clings. These can be given to customers making a purchase, or even sold as a stand-alone decoration set. Besides the wide variety of die choices, there are a variety of standard stocks, 19 foil imprint colors, and 15 standard and 10 specialty ink colors to enable creation of a large selection of looks and finishes;
  • Those wanting to impress recipients with a “limited edition” holiday offering can create consecutively numbered labels on anything from a bottle of wine to a jar of hot sauce;
  • A beautiful holiday card is sealed inside an envelope carrying a foil embossed seal. This classy extra touch almost always impresses the recipient, sometimes to the point of keeping both the envelope and the card.

The more you can charge up your customers’ imaginations, the more you will be able to charge in holiday labels, stickers and seals. And, it’s all available with 24-72-hour turnaround.

See to it that you and your customers enjoy a happy and profitable holiday season!

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