Take labels, educational information out for a test drive

Auto dealers, repair shops, automotive supply stores, trucking companies…you name it in the automotive world, and they probably need a bunch of labels and related products. Two questions for you and your salespeople: 1) How many of your present automotive customers are using everything you offer? 2) How many prospects are ripe for picking?

Chances are, substantial amounts of business is getting left on the table among both customers and prospects. Show them your full palette of products and services. With awareness comes interest, which leads to orders. Here are some ways to rev up revenue-generating opportunities in the lucrative automotive industry:

1. Create a “car kit” that includes, among other items, information that can help educate and engage your auto-related customers. This includes information on lesser-known products (e.g., two-sided labels, stamps) and an array of samples, as well as a wealth of unbranded brochure and video information to help prime the pump. Start your search here for tools and resources that we offer to help inform and inspire your salespeople.. Or, check out our 2017 catalog (which we can brand with your logo if you’d like), to see everything offered.

2. Offer training to your salespeople using our resources. In addition to customer-centric tools, we offer a variety of training and educational services to your staff, including our widely-known Labels University, accessible both online and on-site. This training can enhance focus on both products and services proving very popular in the automotive industry. For example, in an industry known for being flamboyant and using showmanship often, novel and high-impact labels can get their motors running along with label-fueled promotional ideas that can drive more leads and prospects to them.

3. Take a road trip. Armed with new knowledge and ideas, encourage your salespeople to do more face-to-face interaction. At a time when texts, emails, and other (often impersonal) digital communication dominate the scene, getting in front of both present and prospective customers with the “car kit” can help seal the deal.

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