Tape it, Paper it, Talk it with political promotional products

Promote a candidate with a magnetic personality with magnets. Talk about a cause and leave a business card. Paper the neighborhood or community with custom printed tape.

As this political season is featuring surprises galore, you can help customers capture the excitement, spread the word, and, yes, vent their frustration with promotional products both commonplace and non-mainstream.

Here are some ways to drive your sales and profits while coming across to your customers as a trusted, one-stop shop for political promotional products:

  1. Package it up. Particularly for customers accustomed to ordering one-off promotional products such as business cards, post cards and magnets, offer to develop an entire campaign of items with one convenient, time-saving order at one terrific price. Discount Labels will provide fast turnaround, high quality, flexibility and affordable pricing. Using these as cornerstones, build the package—and your profits—with your customers. Don’t be shy about suggesting ways to package “it” up, whatever “it” may be. Engage your customers to get them brainstorming about how conventional or unconventional to go. With a variety of options to choose from—Full Color Bookmarks/Magnets/Business Cards, Announcements/Greeting Cards, Full Color Brochures and Posters, Spirit Sheets, Invitations, Flyers, Calendars, Custom Printed Tape/Barricade Tape—there are many creative ways to create a one-stop-does-it-all promotional product package. The key is to get your customers to focus on a full menu of needs versus ordering a la carte.
  2. Take the road less traveled. While lawn signs offer a time-tested way to advocate, custom printed barricade tape wrapped around or in a tree, strung across a fence, or displayed in front of a business can make a very striking statement. By suggesting these types of options to your customers, you may be able to help them re-steer their thinking for promotional products during this hectic political season. Or, instead of a standard business card, perhaps a full color bookmark can triple as a business card, bookmark and mini-flyer—offering a novel edge on a standard item. Possibilities are limited only by the imagination. Once you can get your customers talking and sharing about their needs, chances are you can develop an innovative offering for them.
  3. Drive discounts with creative strategy. Similar in some ways to traditional “gang printing,” digital printing also offers ways to combine certain promotional products to maximize bang for the buck. For example, if your customer needs business cards, post cards and bookmarks, look if/how to combine all three in fewer runs. Obviously, this can make you look like a hero budget-wise, and also demonstrates your commitment to go the extra mile to save them money and time.

Get your customers jazzed about the possibilities. It will turn into more orders, more money and more reliance on you as a trusted advisor going forward.

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