The Pancake Connection

Every holiday season, our senior managers serve breakfast to our entire team. Over 500  employees, three shifts, 1,600 pancakes, 1,200 sausage links, 2,400 ounces of orange juice and one important reason: to say “Thanks!”

As I’m sure you do with your teams, we are constantly pushing ourselves to new heights to serve our customers. Sometimes we have to ask the world of each other, so it’s only fitting at the holidays to take a breather and show our gratitude for the great relationships we share, and what we’re able to accomplish together. Believe me, I consider it a real privilege to stack pancakes on the plates of the finest craftspeople and business people in the printing industry. We joke, we spar, we talk about bowl games and holiday plans with family. We connect.

Next year marks our 50th year in the custom label business and I couldn’t be more excited about all the new things we’re going to be bringing our customers. For now, during this season of tradition and gratitude, I just want to express my thanks to the team who serves up excellence for customers every day of the year.


Happy Holidays!


VP of Operations

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