Update appearances for spring with vibrant process color labels

I know, I know…it’s not even officially winter yet and here we go talking about spring. Depending on your weather conditions and response to minimal daylight, the vibrancy, renewal and warmth that spring signifies may be a welcome diversion right about now.  It is also important to start thinking about what your customers needs will be for spring.

As part of that forward thinking, now is a good time to prime your customers to prep for “spring looks” by developing a variety of bright, dynamic process color labels. Our AnyShape® line gives you many size, shape and stock options to present to those customers so that they can get their customers’ attention, response and buy-in.

For added incentive, free laminate is included—so those spring showers and other challenging environments won’t ruin the party, celebration, event or presentation.

To pique your customers’ enthusiasm, here are a couple ideas to fuel their imaginations:

– Tag team orders. Combine a winter warmth and spring fling package discount. Customers committing to both winter and spring label orders meeting specified criteria receive a meaningful discount. This can spur them to get on the stick now for upcoming winter needs while planning ahead for spring.

– Create new winter/spring celebrations/promotions around fun, lesser-known holidays. Everybody knows about Groundhog Day, Valentine’s Day, etc. But what about the lesser-known holidays, around which your customer could build a fresh and fun promotion, complete with labels to communicate, identify and celebrate.

With this diversity and sheer number of opportunities, there are virtually no limitations as to what your customers could decide to promote, from employee appreciation and personal growth to nutrition and fun foods. With some imagination and a bit of brainstorming, your customers can developing interesting, awareness-generating possibilities for their businesses that can translate into higher revenues—with labels serving a high-profile role.

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