What do athletic bumper stickers and alumni have in common?

They both are beneficiaries of the ability to print digital labels—including durable, static cling, and window decal options—quickly, easily and affordably.

Think about all the ways that athletic labels can support and promote past and present athletic participants and athletic programs at everything from high schools to tennis clubs—then get your customers thinking about them, too. Once they’re in the zone, start brainstorming typical and atypical promotions featuring versatile labels.

For example, it’s commonplace to develop bumper stickers that say, “My child is on the honor roll,” but what about a bumper sticker promoting a school mascot (not the logo, but a photo of the actual figure in action) or honoring alumni (e.g., “XYZ school…winners forever)?

Static clings and window decals can be great ways to display accomplishments in a trophy-like way. Parents attending every child’s game in a season (or achieving some other objective) can receive a durable, full-color, dynamically-designed memento to put on their cars, in windows, or anywhere else they deem appropriate. Or, a school team can develop label-related emblems to acknowledge such individual athlete and team accomplishments as high score, championships, and the like.

For athletic facilities catering to tennis, golf, fitness and other enthusiasts, how about creating a bumper sticker, window decal or static cling recognizing their consistent support (e.g., a health club can give members a “reward” for every 50 visits—a small, but memorable token).

Or, put a new slant on the term “honor roll.” Generally used to acknowledge academic achievement, how about creating bumper stickers addressing an athletic honor roll? This can even become a promotional campaign tied to effort and dedication versus specific thresholds. It’s one thing to win a rushing title, nail the high batting average, or score the most baskets—but what about something for those who have exerted exceptional efforts regardless of the outcome?

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