What’s New for Discount Labels in 2016?

This is a question that we’re asked often in the New Year. However, expansion and innovation is something we think about year-round at Discount Labels. We are constantly looking for new products we can offer to you, to sell to your customers.

This year we’ve not only added new products, but we’ve also added new sizes and shapes to our popular die cut section, which means a larger selection with excellent margins for you. We’ve also increased our capabilities with new presses and equipment, which means faster turnarounds for you.

Long Run Capabilities – We understand the need for more custom, large quantity print orders. We’ve increased our capacity to be able to handle these high dollar orders.

Extended Content Labels – These custom labels are popular in the retail market for household chemicals, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage and health & beauty products.

Instant Redeemable Coupons – Use these customized labels to promote a product with a coupon affixed directly to the package. A great add along label!

Other new products for 2016 include counter mats, luggage tags, seal tabs, and floor graphics. If you would like samples of our new products, email [email protected], and we’ll get some out to you right away.

We hope to see you at some of the upcoming trade shows in 2016. Stop by our booth for samples of these new products and learn how to sell with even more confidence in the New Year.  See you there!

Here to help,


VP of Operations

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