You Don’t Need Luck to Grow Label Sales

We’ve all been there with our businesses before – Throwing everything at the wall and nothing will stick. You’re thinking, “If I could just bring in one large sale, then everything might change,” and sometimes that could be the case, but other times you need to tap into something new. If you find yourself in that situation, then you’ve come to the right spot!


Discount Labels has helped thousands of businesses succeed in the label industry over the last 55 years, and maybe you’re one of them but are looking for a spark to ignite sales. Our business model goes beyond products as we have found that the tools and resources we supply to our customers are just as important as the products.


These tools and resources are the driving factor as to why Discount Labels’ customers succeed like no other, and the best part about them is that they are completely FREE.


It is so easy to allow ourselves to be trapped into a box when it comes to our business and generating sales. Humans like to form habits and patterns that meet our needs and easily get the job done. With that in mind, whenever we hit a lull in our productivity or business, those same habits and patterns can often be what holds us back.


Breaking out of the box and disrupting those patterns is where we find something new and win. So please, allow me to introduce you to Discount Labels’ FREE tools and resources that you can use to land your next big sale!


Unbranded Sales Sheets


Maybe you’re great at selling to one specific industry and know all types of label products that sell consistently. If you can sell to one industry, though, then you can sell to them all! With the help of our unbranded industry sales sheets, Discount Labels provides you with industry-specific samples and product types that you can learn from and show to potential customers.

Some examples of the industries offered are Cannabis, Beer, Wine and Spirits, Food & Beverage, Education & Athletics, Healthcare, Marketplace, Health & Beauty, and Political Campaigns. The best part about these is that you can view or print copies of the sheets from our website or can request them from our Marketing Department and have them delivered to your business at NO CHARGE!

Educational Videos

Everyone learns differently – Some can learn from reading, others from experiences and many learn from visuals. We can help there, too! Whether you’re in need of some training on the label industry or a new hire is eager to make their first label sale, our video resources make for an easy way to dive right into the label industry.

With a wide range of video resources, we’re proud to supply content that goes beyond our products and capabilities. You can find videos about selling to different vertical markets and helpful how-to videos such as placing an online quote or order. Our company’s success is dependent on yours, and we’re happy to help you grow and learn along the way!

Blogs & Case Studies

If you’re reading this, then by now you probably know about the Discount Labels blog and real-life case studies posted to our website! These tools are great for gaining an inside look to the label world and reading about some of our success stories. Our blog provides quick reads about how to make a great label, updates to our plant and many more interesting pieces. Through our case studies, we collaborate with customers just like you to help solve business challenges and identify innovative labeling solutions to meet their customers’ needs. Check out the Look-alike Band-Aid® Label Promotion to see one of our best examples!

What’s Next?

Our unbranded sales sheets, video resources, blogs and case studies are accessible anywhere and anytime With these now in your back pocket, it’s your turn to put them to use and land your next sale.