5 Habits of Successful Distributors

Did you make a News Years Resolution? If so, how’s it going?  I’m not one for annual resolutions – but I am a big believer in developing good habits that lead to continuous improvement and success. While at several trade shows this year, I’ve been talking to customers to understand: What are the habits of our most successful distributors? Here’s what I found that might help your sales success, too.


  1. Stand for something and go after it with a passion. Instead of trying to be all things to all people, successful distributors become the trusted and credible source for something – a unique product, impeccable service, innovation, creativity – you name it. As a go-to source, it’s much easier for them to stand out and create demand for their product or service.
  2. Improve every day. These distributors find the time to learn and grow everyday. They make one more sales call. They contribute on social media. They call a lapsed customer.  They brainstorm with suppliers about new products. They are never complacent. They ask great questions and constantly push their partners toward higher heights.
  3. Embrace technology. Advances in technology are not going away. Successful distributors don’t run scared, they figure out how to create a competitive advantage. They’re also smart about borrowing and hiring expertise they don’t have.
  4.  Value relationships. Customers, sure. But also suppliers, employees, even competitors. The most successful distributors I know have a sense of humility that allows them to open their minds, listen, explore new ideas, share the spotlight with others and express their gratitude, which leads me to the next habit I’ve observed.
  5. Have an attitude of gratitude. It’s probably my Midwestern roots, but I also notice in others how far appreciation goes. The best salespeople I know take time to say “Thanks” to everyone on their path to success.


If I can be part of your “new habits” plan, just let me know. Let’s be successful growing sales together, one opportunity at a time.


 Here to help,


VP of Operations

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