Custom Label Options for Parking Permits

With nearly 130,000 public & private schools, 3,000 colleges and universities and 5,000 hospitals in the United States, parking permits can be found in any parking lot.

Don’t miss out on the sales opportunity for customized parking permits. Once you make the initial sale, look for a repeat order year after year. Reach out to your local schools, universities, hospitals and large businesses with custom parking permit solutions. Feel confident in the conversation by offering your customers a variety of stocks for parking permits to fit their specific application.

Static Cling Parking Permits: Choose from clear or white static, face or back adhesive. Static labels are best used for indoor uses, like the inside of a windshield or window.  We can add a white block on clear static to enhance readability at no extra charge.

Weatherproof Parking Permits: For outdoor applications, select weatherproof vinyl or polyester. Laminated at no additional charge, these labels will be weather and sun resistant up to 1-1/2 years, just in time to for the next year’s parking pass.

Hang Tags Parking Permits: Consider custom hang tags for temporary parking passes such as visitor parking.  These are printed on a paper stock and displayed from the rear view mirror.

Once you’ve determined the application and the appropriate stock, focus on the details. Determine the tracking method for your customer’s parking permits along with the types of passes such as student, teacher, staff and visitor. Then discuss the options for numbering, barcodes and variable data.

Consecutive Numbering Parking Permits: Add unique numbering sequences to any parking pass.

Barcodes: We can print any barcode you need, including QR codes.

Variable data: Take advantage of digital printing technology to change the graphics or text for various parking lots or different types of parking passes.

For more information about how you can sell customized parking permits with total confidence, visit our website or give us a call. Our custom label experts are always available to provide end-to-end project management and assistance with file setup for your variable and consecutive orders.

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Sources: US Department of Education, American Hospital Association

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