Custom Labels: Big Picture Vs. Brush Fires

Customers develop a big-picture plan for development of custom labels and associated products may seem like a bridge too far. After all, goes the common rationale, customers let us know when they need something—so why complicate the process?

In actuality, helping your customers create a big-picture plan to accommodate all their label-oriented (and in some cases branding) needs can simplify everything for customers—and you.

Discount Labels’ Inside Sales Representative Mabel Landon, a 13-year veteran of the sales and service scene, offers the first in a periodic series of tips to help you move your customers from brush fires to big picture:

Reach out to us as a helpful partner.

Ultimately, our top task is to help you help your customers in more ways—increasing your profits in the process. Instead of trying to make time to strategize ways to do this yourself, let us do it with you. Give us a call and together we can address the opportunities (and pitfalls where necessary) that can rev up your customer relationships. In some cases, that may be a brainstorming conversation. In others, we can get back to you with ideas once you’ve given us basic information about the customer. Or, we can do both. Besides offering ways to expand your services and products with a particular customer, we can help devise a plan to minimize or even eliminate such problem areas as constant last-minute rush orders, frequent/recurring complaints, incorrect file formats, and excessive, time-consuming explanations tied to lack of customer knowledge or interest in the process/protocols.

Explore our website.

If you want to explore ideas on your own, check out our website. Whether it’s a refresher course in options and opportunities or starting from the get-go, the website offers a ton of helpful information and direction. Among easy-to-access resources are a variety of product and vertical industry selling videos, sales FAQ and catalog, sample packs, customer-friendly tools (e.g., unbranded videos, brochures, forms) and art help.

We’re ready to get started when you are. Contact Mabel at 812-981-4827; [email protected] or another established representative to help make your customers’ labels—and your profits—all they can be!

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