Custom Political Labels for Election Season

“Order custom political labels and set yourself up for increased election season sales with Discount Labels.”

‘Tis the season… not just holiday season, but election season.  Politicians are blazing across our great nation, campaigning and trying to make an impact. This provides a great label selling opportunity for you!

Politicians aren’t just people, they are a “brand”.  They create their image with logos and slogans.  Of course, the best way to increase the reach of their logo is to plaster it on their constituents with lapel stickers, bumper stickers, window clings and more.  Election Day labels are a prominent feature of rally giveaways on the campaign trail because they have excellent reach for a relatively small product.

The presidential election season isn’t the only time to sell these labels either, don’t forget about city councils, governors, mayors, judges, sheriffs, and more.  Elections happen throughout the year, boost your business by selling political labels.

You can get a quote or place an order at for a wide variety of quality campaign supplies.

Take advantage of our low prices, high-quality and fast turnarounds to snag some of the campaign market.

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