Discount Labels Expands Capabilities to Include Custom Printed Tape

Printed Tape Deters Tampering and Theft:
“U.S. companies ship over 10 billion packages every year, many of which are subject to tampering or theft in the logistics chain,” says Lisa Manning, Brand Strategist for Discount Labels. “Printed tape is an effective way to deter criminals and maintain the integrity of the package and its contents.”

An Easy Way to Stand Out from the Pack:
Every supplier needs to seal boxes and every company wants to stand out. Custom printed tape is an easy and versatile way to do both. Popular reasons companies use printed tape include:

Increasing brand awareness

  • Identifying package contents
  • Safety & handling instructions
  • Inventory messaging
  • Added professionalism

“Custom printed tape is a fantastic and inexpensive way to brand outgoing shipments with a logo, website, phone number, or any message a business may want to send,” says Manning. “It’s much more economical than printed boxes, and makes every package a moving advertisement.”

Distributors interested in learning more about Discount Labels’ custom printed tape offering are encouraged to call one of the company’s printed tape experts at 800-995-9500.

About Discount Labels:
Discount Labels specializes in die cut labels, premier labels, durable labels, UL labels, variable data labels, printer labels, magnets, stamps and promotional products for every industry including automotive, construction, healthcare, manufacturing, restaurant and retail. Discount Labels sells through the largest authorized label distributor network in the U.S. and Canada. Eligible dealers are active in one of the following industries: printing, graphic arts, specialty advertising, business forms, packaging and shipping, signs, banners, trophies, rubber stamps, or office products. Established in 1965, Discount Labels has grown to be America’s largest wholesale label supplier. Find more information at and visit Discount Labels on Facebook, Twitter (@Discount_Labels) and Google+.

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